On this column i will try to get informations about remarkable domain deals and share them with you.

I will beginn with the domain Borisbecker.com that was won at an GoDaddy auction by Henning Kruthaup, CEO of Sparheld.de

Sparheld.de is a nice platform, sharing deals in many categories.

Many thanks to Henning that he took the time to answer my questions!

Here they are:

Do you remember what you have done when Boris Becker has won in Wimbledon on 7 July 1985?

“I actually do not remember that day. I was not even a year old.”

Are you into domaining? How many domains do you own?

“I own a couple hundred domains for my businesses. Nonetheless, I am not into domaining. I understand to some degree how people make money with buying and selling internet domains, but it is not an interesting business for me. Yes, you can make money buying expired domains, typo domains or domains with a high keyword search volume, but it’s not a business where I want to get involved.”

How did you get aware of the domain auction?

“I found the domain up for auction by accident informing myself about Boris Becker on Facebook.”

Did you set yourself a financial limit for the auction of the domain?

I paid the full asking price for the domain.

Has Boris Becker already contacted you with regards to the domain name?

“I am in contact with his assistent and we are actually in the process of transferring the domain back to him.”

Have you already received any offers to sell the domain?

I’ve received numerous offers for the domain and I could have made a good amount of money reselling the domain, but I’ve purchased the domain as a fan of Boris Becker that no one can do something bad with his name and his website. I stand by my word. I will keep the domain safe for Boris Becker and will transfer it back to him for free.

Did you notice any change of the traffic on the domain since news of the auction have been published?

“I haven’t had any tracking on the domain. Therefore, I cannot give you any statistics.”

How would you sum up the purchase of the domain? Would you do it again?

“I would do it again. The media is writing a lof of negative things about Boris Becker. If someone is in a difficult phase in his/her life, you should help the person and not step on them.”