Today we will have a look at a startup from Berlin that uses its domain name as brand. Many thanks to Founder Jakob Repp that he took his time to answer our questions!

Could you please introduce your company and your product at first?

We are, the first sleep-drink. contains natural ingredients such as passionherb, hops, melissa and melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. At the moment is only available in Germany, but we are working hard to make available all over Europe.

In which Phase of the name creation came the domain on the table?

While playing around with names that describe the product and sound nice, we had this idea to play around with the word „ink“ because the product has a beautiful dark-red color. To combine it with sleep was only logical, but without a separating element between the words sleep and ink there was still ambiguity regarding the spelling of our name. So we tried a dash, a semicolon and so forth. In parallel I started to check the domain availability and stumbled across .ink. This made the decision easy: a period separates sleep and ink.

Are you into domaining? How many domains do you own?

Aquiring domains is not something we spend a lot of time on, there are many areas in our business that are more important. Still we have collected some 25 domains along the way, mostly for landing pages connected to a very specific topic.

How did you got aware of “.ink“?

We wanted to use ink in our name, so I checked if there was a TLD for it. I did not have high hopes but was pleasantly surprised.

Which advantages do you see regarding the “.ink” TLD compared to classic TLDs like “.com” or “.de“

There are many companies involved in the topic of sleep, and domain-grabbers have also done their share to make good domains related to sleep unavailable or so pricey that most start-ups would not spend that kind of money. With the .ink domain we got around that problem.

You do not own the matching domains “” or “”. Don’t you fear that potential customers won`t find you?

No, in fact the opposite. If we look at our google analytics we see that a lot of our organic traffic lands directly on the site instead of coming through google like we have seen for .de or .com domains. Since more and more people (especially on mobile) use the address-bar as an interface for google, it seems like we save a few of them a click: When they correctly look for the name of our product, they enter the site immediately.