Today, 48 years ago, the Beatles released their famous album “Abbey Road”.

According to CNN money a polish lemonade maker had to learn now that Yoko Ono does not like wordplays with her former husbands name.

Yoko Onos lawyers filed lawsuit to contest the use of the name “John Lemon” as lemonade brand. The lemonade maker used the domain “” for his product.

In a settlement the parties agreed that the name of the brand will be changed to “Jo Lemon” from now on, the lemonade maker is allowed to sell the existing stock with the former name until end of October.

The domain “” redirects now to Although they are offering their products in several languages on their website they do not own any global accepted TLD like the “.com” or “.net”.

Author: Daniel Reiter

Image source: 8576681@N02 by Lauren Allik, licence: CC BY 2.0