The german election will take place on September 24th 2017 and the party of Angela Merkel - CDU - just announced their slogan for the campaign: >>Für ein Deutschland in dem wir gut und gerne leben<<, what means for a Germany we live in well and gladly.

The CDU promoted the campaign in their social media channels with the hashtag #fedidwgugl.

Now another german party - FDP - registered the domain and placed the following message there:

Liebe Union, überlasst das mit der Digitalisierung doch einfach denen, die davon Ahnung haben. Zum Beispiel den Freien Demokraten.<<

This means in a free translation:

Dear CDU, dispose the thing with the digitalisation to whom, who has the knowledge.For example the FDP.

Digitalisation is one of the major themes of the FDP in the comming election campaigns, so this was a nice move to promote their own campaign.

Author: Daniel Reiter