I will introduce a new category: D’ohmains.

From now on i will post fails and curiosities in the world of domain registration in this category.

Today i start with a experience i had with a big german insurance company.

I won’t display the real domain name as i don’t want to harm anyone i just want to share my story.

This company developped a new product, let`s call it “The new product”.

They started a big advertising campaign and the used domain name in this campaign was “The-newproduct.de”.

Additionaly they wrote the product name on the website under this domain as follows: “The newProduct” so newProduct is actual one word but looks like two.

I think it’ s obviously by using only one hyphen and the dicition of the product name they risk that people might add a second hyphen when typing the domain name into their browser.

I did a little research and found out that they had also registered “thenewproduct.de” but under this domain was only a blank page.

I registered the domain name “The-new-product.de” and wrote them an e-mail pointing on the risk of confusing and the possibility of misuse by a third party. I offered them the domain for a price besides transfer fee and tax of 30,00 €. I think that was a very fair price as it took my about an hour to do research, register the domain, finding the right contact and writing the e-mail.

Yesterday i got the answer that they had discussed this internally but won’t take the domain.

I d’ont get it, what else to say then D’OH!