The former tennis star Boris Becker seems to be in serious financial trouble. According to several newspapers, recently a London court judged him as bankrupt because he was not able to pay a 4 million € credit back to a london private bank.

Now his domain has been sold at GoDaddy for 827,60 €.

Notable is that the buyer – SPARHELD, a german startup from Berlin – does not seem to use the domain in direct commercial way altough all social media channels of Boris Becker are still pointing to as homepage of the tennis star like on his twitter:

Instead they placed a message for Boris on the website under this domain and offered him to transfer the domain back to him – for free!

This was one of the rare cases the big german newspapers were reporting about domains like:

We will keep you informed how this story evolves.

Author: Daniel Reiter

Image source: Waiting… by krbo